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We are growing by the day and we want others to join us.

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We are always on the lookout for others to join us in our mission to bring every person, business, charity and  organization together in the Health and
Social Care industry.

At Neo Interactives -- one of the region's foremost healthcare IT providers-- we've come to realize that you can't go it alone when offering cutting-edge solutions to the ever-demanding healthcare industry. That's why we are interested in connecting with dedicated, quality conscious, and innovative medical IT partners that can complement and enhance our range of IT support services.

Hands On Approach:
The specialists at Neo Interactives work closely and tirelessly with the staff at medical practices, dealing with start-up issues and making sure all staff members understand how to get the most from our services.

Trusted Client Relationships:
We share a common goal with your company - the fostering of a long-term relationship with clients. Our mission is to make each and every interaction with our customers a positive experience that encourages them to utilize our expertise again and again.

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