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Database Solutions
Database Design :

A database management system (DBMS) organizes the storage of data. Neo Interactives Provides the creation, maintenance, and use of the database storage stuctures of an organization and its end users. Neo Interactives Provides solutions for organizations to place control of organizationwide database development in the hands of Database Administrators (DBAs) and other specialist. In large systems, a DBMS allows users and other software to store and retrieve data in a structured way.  

A database driven website will use a database to gather, display, or manipulate information. Database driven websites are very powerful tools because they allow a site to be dynamically generated or customized to display the information that is relevant to each visitor. Database driven web sites can number anywhere from just a few pages all the way up to hundreds of pages.

A database is a store of information, usually in large quantities, and often of a complex nature. A database can contain something as simple as a list of people, or as complex as a accounting data, inventories, and other information that is interrelated beyond simple lists.

Neo Interactives has extensive experience building database driven websites and applications using a number of different database formats.

Range of our Database services includes:
  • Database Development
  • Database Management
  • Database Migration

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