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Neo Traders is the software for the traders to manage all the trading activities they do. This helps them basically to generate all the necessary reports at the end of the financial year. This product stores all the purchase and sales the trading company does throughout the year.
It manages the stock of the goods purchased and sale. Based on the sales and purchase it helps them to generate invoices with excise duty and other taxes. The reports generated at every quarter and at the end of the financial year can directly be uploaded to the Central Excise Department of India for auditing and all.
It is very easy to learn and use. We have created a simple training plan which will help you using Neo trader in We have created a simple training plan which will get you using Neo Trader in convenience.

Neo Traders has been designed and developed in India specifically for Traders. Neo Traders has been designed to integrate with the trader’s workflow. At Neo Trader, our aim is to constantly develop and deliver the best software

The following are the salient features of Neo Traders :

Admin allows to you create users and assign them roles. It allows restricted access to users according to their roles.les.

Stock Management:
This module helps in stock flow material wise stock maintain and generate reports of material wise stock.

Purchase Register:
It allows the user to create Purchase Register.

Invoices & Expenses:
There are two types excise and commercial. Neo Trader helps in managing both the modules efficiently.

This modules maintains details about tax types parties/dealers and helps in generating these details as and when required.

This module allows sending various emails and attachments to doctor’s patients and pharmacies.

Task Management:
It creates reminders for tasks such as meetings / events.
It creates Automatic Popup at the scheduled time

It allows you to set reminders and alerts of appointments or task which have to be done on time.

Reports And Graphs:
It is one of the most salient features of the neo clinic software. It generates various reports and graphs of the patient’s collection reports and pending amount.

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