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  Neo HRMS software is ideally for the management of Human Resource of the hospital. It functions perfectly in a networked environment – where various departments require access to some of the functions of the program. It allows multiple users. The HR Management software is very easy to use. Anyone who knows to read and write and a little knowledge of payroll accounting can become familiar with the program within a few hours of use. It is a tool every human resource manager should have!

You can keep all the employee data in one place, organized and available when you need it. Neo HRMS does not only store information, but also helps you to use it. Nice and fast user interface makes it easy to find required information quickly. Powerful scheduling module is included, so you could manage leaves and shift data with payouts.

The following are the salient features of Neo HRMS:

1. The software captures recruitment details of all employees of the hospital
2. It also updates personnel records as and when necessary
3. Keeps track of employee status (Probation or confirmation status) and allows changes when due.
4. Keeps track of all employees and prints reports alphabetically arranged in order of Department
5. Keeps records of HRM correspondence with employees
6. Captures each month’s salary variants
7. Automatically generates Pay slips for each employee with all the details in a neatly designed form for printing
8. An individual’s pay slip can also be printed
9. Archives each month’s pay master for future reference.
10. Automatically extracts and generates Salary Summary report for management.

The Various modules available are:

Employee Management:
This module allows you to edit your employees, add new employees, transfer/promote/terminate employees. Each employee in the database is associated with a position, which you can add/edit as well.
You can enter all essential data of your employees and oversee all important information in your company address book.

Our payroll software has ultimate security. Passwords control level, task and field security every individual element can be viewed, analyzed and reported on. Online historical pay slips can be viewed and printed Full salary history including all payroll elements and change reasons .

Leave Management:
Leave Management module includes defining the leave types, assigning entitlements and calculating carry over leaves, employees applying for leaves, managers approving or rejecting the leave requests, importing the leave data into payroll for calculations etc. It is basically used to cut out the physical movements and paper work, help the employees apply for leaves easily.

Pay Slip Generation:
This module allows you to generate pay slips with detail items such as earnings, deductions and contributions. Pay slip generation for your employees can be a painstaking and time-consuming chore hence this module has been created to make your work easy.

Recruitment & Training:
It keeps a track of the recruitment process to facilitate evaluation. Candidate resumes can be scanned and saved in the module. Interview questioners can be prepared. Training documents can be prepared. Trainer’s information can be stored along with the alignment to the training teams.

This module gives details about the tax deductions and tax calculations of the employees and makes salary calculations of employees easy

It provides flexibility to design new reports as well as re-design existing report Various reports regarding employees payroll attendance leaves can be maintained and generated .

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