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  Neo HMS
Its is comprehensive, cost effective software that help hospitals to improve overall productivity and efficiency while offering better return on investment .It is affordable and easy to use end to end hospital management solution which helps hospital streamline their healthcare services.
Neo Interactives Hospital Management System maintains all the patient history, examinations, treatment and payment details.It manages appointments for the doctor. It also includes the HR Management System and Resource Management System.It also generates various reports required for analysis for the management people.

Admin allows to you create users and assign them roles. It allows restricted access to users according to their roles.

Patient Registration:
This module allows us to register a patient i.e. to enter all the patient detail into the software and makes them available at a click.

Appointment Scheduling:
It allows the user to create appointments for patients; the doctor can have daily weekly and monthly appointment schedules.

Patient Treatment:
It gives prescription, history and the exam conducted for the patient. The doctor can maintain the entire case study and prescriptions given to the patient

It allows you to note down the vitals of the patients like the height weight temperature Blood Pressure details of the patient.

This module allows Over 10,000 Prescription Printout Options. It allows adding your own medicines

Document Management:
It allows you to manage the documents and reports. The documents can be scanned and viewed from any end .

The laboratory module is designed to receive requests for lab tests from other modules Nursing station and Operation Room (OR).

Lab Orders:
It allows you to generate templates of lab test reports.

Pharmacy Management:
The Pharmacy Management module caters for maintenance of comprehensive drug database, dispensing and stock control functions of the pharmacy department.

Department And Ward Management:
It keeps a track of occupied beds and unoccupied beds. It also gives details about the number of patients in each department.

Inventory Management:
This keeps a track of inventory and store material .It gives details about the total inventory available and required. It keeps a track of flow of inventory to various departments.

Equipment Management:
This module keeps a track of all the equipments flowing in various departments

Task Management:
It creates reminders for tasks such as meetings / events.
It creates Automatic Popup at the scheduled time

Schedule and Bulk SMS:
Schedules SMS allows to set a time for the SMS to be sent and they would be send to the time set without any manual intervention. Bulk SMS allows to you to send many SMS at a time.

The Radiology module offers a comprehensive system to cater to all the requirements of the Radiology Department.
It provides for scheduling of appointment for examinations, examination processing, post examination results reporting and film tracking.

Email System:
This module allows sending various emails and attachments to doctor’s patients and pharmacies User roles:
It allows you to create various users and also allows you define various roles for it.

Security :
It allows restricted access to information with the help of creating users and defining their roles.

Human Resource Management:
  • Hr Admin
  • Recruitment
  • Employee Management
  • Payroll
  • Taxation

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