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The only way to cope with more clinic disease patients with better quality of treatment in the face of limited personnel and funds is to use IT to transform the practice into a more efficient one. It keeps track of all the patient history, and the treatment given to the patient. It manages the appointments for the doctor.Doctor can also scan the patients reports and save it against the patient and view those later on.Also, the doctor can create his own templates for saving history and examination details.
The various modules that Neo Clinic offer are:

Neo Clinic software has a user friendly platform called the dashboard which allows the user to make several interactions on it like add, data, modify, and insert data in the software. It gives access to all patient information at a glance.

Admin allows to you create users and assign roles them roles. It allows restricted access to users according to their roles.

Patient Registration:
This module allows us to register a patient i.e. to enter all the patient detail into the software and makes them available at a click.

Appointment/ Scheduling:
It allows the user to create appointments for patients; the doctor can have daily weekly and monthly appointment schedules.

Patient Treatment:
It gives prescription, history and the exam conducted for the patient. The doctor can maintain the entire case study and prescriptions given to the patient

Patient Bills:
This shows you payment details in one click and prints the details and also keeps a record of it. It gives Detailed Bills for multiple Services / Package Treatments.

Address book:
It Categories Contacts in Patients / Doctors / Institutions and Personal It gives all address details of doctor’s hospital referrals pharmacies labs and clinics.

Doctors book (Master):
This module is specially designed for the doctors. Details about appointments, contacts templates cab be entered.

This module allows Over 10,000 Prescription Printout Options. It allows to add your own medicines.

This module contains in-Built Database of over 650 Investigations (Pathology, Radiology, Nuclear, etc).It creates your own custom list of Regularly used Investigations. You can get order Investigations in just a click You can print Investigation Reports using custom templates.

Email System:
This module allows sending various emails and attachments to doctor’s patients and pharmacies.

Task management:
It creates reminders for tasks such as meetings / events. It creates Automatic Popup at the scheduled time.

Scheduled Backup:
It creates regular and scheduled back up of patent details and it can be retrieved when required.

It allows restricted access to information with the help of creating users and defining their roles.

Document Management (Scanning):
It allows you to manage the documents and reports. The documents can be scanned and viewed from any end.

Dicom Image viewer:
This is salient feature of Neo clinic. It stores images directly from a scanner or from a Digital Camera.It can store images for X-Rays / MRI's in Image or DICOM format.
Each patient's images can be stored uniquely to allow multi-image viewing on one screen.

Patient Vitals:
It allows you to note down the vitals of the patients like the height weight temperature Blood Pressure details of the patient.

Word Templates:
It allows you to use Microsoft word in the neo clinic software. You can customize your own template according to your requirements.

It allows you to set reminders and alerts of appointments or task which have to be done on time.

Scheduled and Bulk SMS:
Schedules SMS allows to set a time for the SMS to be sent and they would be sending to the time set without any manual intervention. Bulk SMS allows to you to send many SMS at a time.

Reports and Graphs:
It is one of the most salient features of the neo clinic software. It generates various reports and graphs of the patient’s collection reports and pending amount.

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