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Why Neo Interactives?

 Benefits Of Neo Interactives
  Some important factors why Neo Interactives is a better choice over other software:

  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to use
  • Best after sales, support & training
  • Customizable according to your company needs
  • Reliable and Secure

Easy to learn, Easy to use:

The "point-and-click" design of Neo Clinic is quickly adopted by medical and office staff Neo Clinic makes office tasks like referral letters, patient instructions, income expense reports and more very easy Past records become available on one screen. You can spend more time with patients rather than browsing multiple prescriptions, test reports, etc. Work flow at the clinic from Appointment to Patient Registration to Clinical Billing to Follow-Up's are clearly defined which lead to better management In few clicks monitor the progress of your patients; the financial status of your clinic and your clinic staff in managing and your patients

Best after sales, support & training:

At Neo Interactives we know that selling software is the easy part, getting doctors to use it and love it is a different part. You don't have to spend lot of time learning Neo Clinic or reading long manuals to get started. Neo Clinic is backed with an intelligent and experienced support team who assist you from day 1. We have created a simple training plan which will get you using Neo Clinic


Customizable Neo Clinic has been designed to integrate with the doctor's workflow in the clinic. You can create your own favorites, shortcuts and navigate through clinical nodes according on your need. Neo Clinic does not restrict you or your steps. It allows you to record all activities at your convenience. Generate Statistics & Research reports on your patients and know the effectiveness of multiple therapies in real time.

Reliable & Secure:

Neo Clinic uses a secure and reliable MS SQL database to store your patient data. Password protection, limited accessibility and audit logs have been put in place to ensure the safety of your records.

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