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Neo Interactives Infrastructure
  When creating the facilities at Neo Interactives we spared no effort in building the most advanced call center possible. Taking into account the unique challenges faced by a call center in India, we planned for every eventuality and provided the means necessary to handle them efficiently. With the latest high-end servers, cutting-edge customer management systems, advanced power management technology, redundant data storage and fully networked and internet ready workstations, Neo Interactives is built on a solid foundation.

Our Management Team:

Anil Nere:
Anil is the Project Manager for Neo Interactives. An Electronic Engineer from Pune University with 6+ years’ experience in healthcare and software product development he is in charge of Business Development and Projects. This includes the new forays that the company is making in the fields of software product development. He has been responsible for providing the strategic direction for these businesses. He has been instrumental in building strategic partnerships and a strong and prestigious customer base for Neo Interactives. Anil also heads some key employee development initiatives and takes keen interest in overall human resource development activities.

Sarika Thete:
Sarika is the founder & Managing Director for Neo Interactives. A Post Graduate in Computers from Pune University has 9+ years’ experience in developing healthcare software’s. She looks in Operations Management, Resource Management and Employee relations and is able to relate to the mentioned areas in giving a firm base for the client satisfaction and company growth. Sarika’s achievements include driving quality aspects and managing the operations of the team across projects.


When designing our systems, one of our aim was to create a highly extensible and flexible technology network. This has translated itself into very high uptimes as well as incredible ramping capabilities. We can scale our systems to match your requirements very quickly, doing in days what normally takes months. This means we can grow as your business prospers. Taking care of all your needs under one roof.

24 x 7 x 365:

We have built multiple redundancies to all our systems to ensure that we offer incredible uptimes and 24x7 operations. By investing in the best uninterruptible power systems we have further enhanced our capability to provide non-stop service. Our SLA's with our vendors and service providers are very strict, guaranteeing almost 100% uptime in all spheres. We have in-house, fully qualified system engineers available around the clock to ensure that all faults are corrected in the shortest time possible. All this filters down to better value proposition and peace of mind for you.

Man Power:
  • Over 50+ Work Stations at present with a capacity to increase up to 150.
  • Highly skilled & experienced personnel
  • Round the clock work in 3 shifts on 24x7 basis
  • In-house technical support
Systems and servers:
  • More than 50 computers with high speed Core 2Duo Processors, 2 GB of DDR each with 17” monitors.
  • High end HP server
Power supply:
  • 24 hours backup power supply with online UPS backup power system, minimum power back up to 10 KVA.
Network Specifications:
  • Latest Category-6 UTP cables with 100/1000Mbps Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet support.
  • Fully secured Network.
  • Dedicated Leased line for high speed Internet access.
Neo Interactives Team:

How you build a software development team depends on the people that you have available to you, the needs of your project, and the needs of your organization. Effective software project teams are composed of people fulfilling a variety of roles. Each person takes on one or more roles. Neo Interactives team comprises of software engineers, programmers, web developers, web designers and marketing professionals having broad set of skill sets.

Infrastructure Facilities:

The research and development center situated at Gangapur road, Nasik. The facilities include an air conditioned office with all the office amenities and dedicated system for employees. The office has internet connections from two different service providers and all the computers are networked with the centralized server. The center has an inverter backup in case of power failures.


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